Staffordshire Hoard

In the last three weeks some 14,750 people have visited the Staffordshire Hoard Exhibition in Lichfield Cathedral. I’ve been on the Feedback Desk most days and I’ve loved meeting people, expecially when old friends have come through!
We have had visitors from all over the world, including a New Zealand couple who were amazed to discover the connection between Lichfield and Bishop George Augustus Selwyn.
I enjoyed the kids discovering the “secret” between the toes on the Sleeping Children sculpture, and then finding the exquisite miniature angels in the Lady Chapel. I found another Green Man and was amazed at how bright the light there can be.

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A Quiet Mothering Sunday

I was down to have this Sunday off – at least not taking a service. However the Rector rang and croaked down the phone, would I take his place at Evensong?

So, I duly turned up at St Mary’s, only to find that the Choir was not to put in an appearance. It ended up with two Readers (Lesley Allen and me) a guest Organist, the Duty Steward and two members of the congregation.

Actually, it turned out to be a quiet, lovely type of service that is Evensong at its best – a moment of stillness before the week gets underway tomorrow.

Nonetheless, it was rather sad. If we keep getting such low numbers, will it be worthwhile continuing a full sung service? I enjoy Anglican chant and this is the only occasion I get to do it.

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This has been an unusual week. I had a free Sunday, so managed to get some letters written and everything ready for Monday’s meeting at the Fire Service College, Moreton in Marsh.

We had a first meeting with the College Events organiser and Site Manager to talk about the Fire chaplains’ Conference in September when we hope to have Bob Neill MP, the Minister for Fire, as our Keynote Speaker before meeting with the Firefighters’ Memorial Trust in the Chapel.

A series of Diocesan meetings followed, and then I managed to issue the April Edition of Lichfield Rotary Club’s “Monthly Bulletin” on time. I was particularly pleased to receive a few plaudits for this edition, as I’d sweated blood and tears to get it out on time. The accompanying “funny” seemed to go down well too!

Now, I’m getting ready to contact the Chief Fire Officers’ Association to ask them to invite their Chaplains to Conference. I wonder how the cuts will affect us this year.

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Days of yore!

I’ve just finished a session on Facebook swapping memories with ex-colleagues and former pupils from the school where I taught for over thirty years.

I’ve been retired for almost five years now¬†and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself most of the time, but this Facebook group has brought back to me why I enjoyed teaching – the kids!

Forget targets, forget the bureaucracy and the general nastiness of the Inspection system, it is the children in a school who matter!

You can train a monkey to jump through hoops, but it takes something infinitely more precious to inspire children and get them “aiming high!”

Too many dedicated teachers are leaving the profession because they aren’t allowed to teach any more.

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The King’s Speech

Just got back from watching this at a local cinema. Very impressed and well worth the four Oscars it won yesterday.

I wonder which church the makers used instead of Westminster Abbey? Not the best choice, but I suppose the “real McCoy” wasn’t available.

My only suggestion was that the film showing ought to have ended with the National Anthem!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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